SuperPowered Core Values Activities

The Tiger Techs would like to share two Core Values activities for this SUPERPOWERED Season- Connect and Share 2.0 and Superpower Team Activity.


During the Cargo Connect Season, Connect and Share was able to connect teams from around the world.  Over 75 teams requested to take part in this activity.  We know that we ran into some problems with the boxes stalling and not being delivered on-time, international shipping, and COVID.  We have learned some lessons and would like to roll out version 2.0. A smaller number of teams per box, limited international shipping, and a limit on team participation have been made this season.  If your team would like to participate here are the details and Google Form to complete to sign up: 

Connect and Share Details (click here):

Connect and Share Google Form (click here)


This SUPERPOWERED FIRST LEGO League Season, teams are challenged to learn more about energy and challenges that we are facing with energy around us.  This activity focuses on the ENERGY of a team and what they consider their SUPERPOWER.  

When this activity is completed, a team will identify a team SUPERPOWER that they can use as part of their team identity.  They can then use this  SUPERPOWER to focus the energy of the team on a goal, energize others, and/or to showcase it at tournament events.  

Want to find your team’s SUPERPOWER?  Access the document by clicking here:

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