The Tiger Techs Robotics FLL Challenge Teams are located in Sharon, Pennsylvania, a small western Pennsylvania town located about an hour north of Pittsburgh.

The Sharon Robotics Teams consist of three FIRST LEGO League Explore Teams (FLL JR), four FIRST LEGO League Challenge Teams (FLL) teams and one FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team. The first FLL team started during the fall of 2010 with eight members and has since grown to 60 total members on all five teams. Each team has a home base located within the school district: Case Avenue Elementary School, C.M. Musser Elementary School, West Hill Elementary School and Sharon High School.

Overall, the Tiger Techs are in their 11th season with FIRST LEGO League (FLL).  Sharon High Robotics FTC team is in their fourth year.

Every year teams are introduced to real-world engineering challenges by building robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing field. The FIRST program builds science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership skills. Teams have competed at regional, state, and national/international tournaments.

Throughout each season, the Techs are thrilled to share what they have learned with others.  This includes other robotics teams.  This is called Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism.  The Techs mentor other teams locally and internationally to help them learn the most out of the FIRST program.  To learn more about how the Techs mentor others, check out our link under our “Learning” page.

In addition to mentoring other teams, the robotics teams are very active in their community.  The robotics teams enjoy “giving back” to the community that supports them by participating and impacting hundreds of children in the STEM fields at local and regional events. The Sharon Robotics Teams setup their mobile robotics lab to showcase their very own Robot”Art”, robot driving with their EV3 Mindstorm creations, and programming lessons to kids of all ages. The teams are appreciative of all the support they receive while at these community events.  To learn more about our community involvement, check out our “Upcoming Events” page.

To read more about the Tech Tale, please click on the “Paws”itive News page.


Tiger Techs (Team Black #577 and Team Orange #578) Team Accomplishments:

2019-2020:  City Shaper

First Place Champions’ Award (Team Black):  Pittsburgh

Second Place Champions’ Award (Team Orange): Pittsburgh

Global Innovation Award (Team Orange): Pittsburgh

2018-2019: Into Orbit

First Place Champions’ Award (Team Orange):  Pittsburgh

Second Place Champions’ Award (Team Black): Pittsburgh

Global Innovation Award (Team Orange): Pittsburgh

Global Innovation Award Semi-Finalist (Team Orange):  San Jose, California

First Place Inspiration (Team Orange):  World Festival, Detroit

Second Place Champions’ Award (Team Black):  North American Open: LEGOLAND

2017-2018: Hydrodynamics 

Third Place Champions’ Award (Team Black): Pittsburgh

First Place Gracious Professionalism (Team Orange): North American Open: LEGOLAND

2016-2017: Animal Allies 

Second Place Champions’ Award (Team Black): Pittsburgh

Second Place Mechanical Design (Team Black): North American Open: LEGOLAND

2015-2016: Trash Trek

Third Place Champions’ Award (Team Black): Pittsburgh

Advancement to North American Open: LEGOLAND