Tiger Techs “Connect and Share”

Connect and Share Participating Teams

Connect Box Details

This FIRST LEGO League season we are tasked to learn more about transportation of cargo. With this theme in mind, let’s Connect and Share with other teams as we journey through Cargo Connect.  This Core Values Activity allows teams to connect and share with each other through using a “Connect Box”.  Each participating team will add a team photo, letter and a small token that represents your team to the box.

How to Participate-

  1. Sign up to participate in the  Connect and Share activity using the following Google Form.
  2. Once you sign-up, teams will receive access to the “Connect Box” schedule. 
  3. Receive the “Connect Box” as a participating team. Be sure to read the letters and view the photos of the previous teams participating.
  4. Add your team photo to the connect album (4×6 photo).
  5. Add a letter about your team to the connect album.  Be sure to describe your team, team members, details about your share item, and ways teams reading your letter could connect with you via email, social media, etc. 
  6. Receive the share Item from the previous team that is described in the previous team’s letter. The share item is a gift and is only passed on to one team.
  7. Think about a share item that could be shared with the next team that receives the “Connect Box”.  Think of an item that represents your team.  Add the item in the box and be sure to label it as the “Share Item”. 
  8. Send the box to the next team (address to be provided with the schedule).  You may reuse the box to ship OR use a new box to fit your contents. You must ship within one week of receiving the box. This allows for the activity to progress quickly throughout the season.  
  9. Follow the progress of the box as it is shipped around the world.   Track the box and let’s learn about others as we “Connect and Share” about the FIRST LEGO League Cargo Connect Season. 

A “Connect Box” will travel between 10 teams. Multiple “Connect Boxes” will be sent for a large amount of teams wishing to participate.  Once the box travels to 10 teams, it will be returned and the contents (photos and letters) will be shared among the teams participating.  For questions, please contact the Sharon Tiger Techs at tigertech@sharonsd.org

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