Sharon Robotics Teams Recognized As Champion Organization of the Year by Chamber

Last night the Sharon Robotics Teams had a memorable evening at the Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce Dinner. The teams were honored to receive the Shenango Valley Champion Organization of the Year, along with Gary Hinkson of Hermitage, as the Shenango Valley Business Ambassador of the Year.

We know that, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s the TEAM effort part, that really makes the Sharon Robotics Teams. Think of it like a building with a strong foundation…when one brick is missing, well, the foundation is weak. Each brick is just as important as the other. This includes, students of the teams, families, coaches/mentors, school district, businesses, organizations, community and state leaders, police/fire departments, loyal supporters, and the FIRST Robotics community. We truly do appreciate the support from our local community! Thanks to Sherris and the Chamber of Commerce for making this night special!

The teams and coaching staff are very grateful for this team approach, because each brick is as vital as the other. A team member quoted it best, “We are like Lego’s, we build upon each other. Thank you for being a brick in our foundation.”

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