Sharon Robotics Showcase Event Postponed

The Sharon Robotics Showcase Event scheduled to be on March 28th form 10 AM – 2 PM inside Case Avenue Elementary’s gym is postponed and will be rescheduled soon. 

In all, 8 robotics teams from the FIRST program in Sharon will be onsite to talk to kids and adults of all ages about FIRST robots. The following teams will be at the event:

FLL JR Tiger Techs Cubs Orange
FLL JR Tiger Techs Cubs Black
FLL Tiger Techs Team Orange
FLL Tiger Techs Team Black
FLL C.M. Musser Tiger Techs
FLL West Hill Tiger Techs
FTC Sharon High Robotics Team
FRC Not the Droids You Are Looking For

Robot demonstrations, free programming lessons, and cool lego creations will dazzle the minds of all who attend. In addition, the Mercer County Incident Response Team will be demonstrating their robot they use in the field. Music will be provided by Sharon High’s DJ Club.



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